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Stan Frank National Director, IFM, Sub-Saharan Africa

Stan current looks after IFM across SSA. The IFM division is fast becoming an acknowledged leader on the continent. Stan has a vast knowledge of operating in emerging markets along with assembling and leading multi-cultural teams that involve: strategy, operations and new business development. Stan's experience includes: real estate business startup, optimisation, turnaround & change management and M&A's. Industries include: retail, commercial, industrial and residential.


  1. Subramanian Sankaran

    Great blog Stan.
    Really SSA market would be required to develop maturity by the way of having right FM resources and more efforts.
    Happy to discuss with you on this topic further more.

    1. Stan Frank

      IFM is all about people , so having the correct resources is always the challenge in an emerging market. Therefore sourcing the correct caliber candidates who have the right qualifications and attitude is paramount to the success of the business. We then run various programmes where we train these people and inculcate the JLL culture – the industry is evolving and in the end its all about knowledge sharing, which is why access to international best practice and continuous improvement is so important. Happy to share your views?

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