Aashna Puri

Associate, Africa Desk, Sub-Saharan Africa


    Aashna Puri is a senior analyst with the Africa Desk and has recently joined the Johannesburg team from New York. In New York, Aashna worked with JLL as a rotation analyst with a focus on global office leasing, energy and sustainability and project development. Aashna has managed and analyzed project strategy on assignments with UBS, Apple, Lexus and Deutsche Bank, among others with close attention to financial forecasting, schedule supervision and diverse team orchestration. Aashna holds a degree in Economics and Earth Sciences from the University of Pennsylvania.

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    Ethiopia:Beating the odds

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    When I still lived in New York, I came home one day to the pleasant company of my Ethiopian friend’s family who were visiting. Amidst the heart-warming conversations about their relatives, Ethiopia and its politics, an old Amharic proverb came up, that translated to, ‘do not hesitate or you will be left in between doing […]