Bathobile Mahlobo

    Bathobile is a real estate professional with 9 years of in-depth multi-geographical experience within the real estate industry in sub-Sahara Africa. She assumes the role of Associate Director within the JLL Corporate Solutions SA team. Bathobile joined JLL in 2013 in a senior analyst, managing BAU processes, strategic planning, real estate portfolio management, budget and financial management and transaction management.
    Bathobile then left JLL for a short while and went on to take up a full time role as Portfolio Manager at Standard Chartered Bank Africa and has gained invaluable transactional activity experience managing a 2 million ft² estate in 17 countries across Africa for the bank. Her other career roles include Regional Real Estate Finance Manager where she partnered with business teams in driving growth and profitability in their real estate portfolio.
    As a member of the JLL Corporate Solutions team, Bathobile provides real estate solutions to
    corporate occupiers across South Africa and Sub Saharan Africa. Having worked for clients across multiple geographies and sectors, she has been able to provide them with real estate strategies to drive efficiencies and optimise their portfolios.
    This has involved working with multi-disciplinary teams by providing strategic advisory services, development management services, and recently corporate solutions to clients on the continent. She has evaluated strategic projects and provided analysis and recommendations to executive teams.
    Bathobile’s expertise include strategic planning, real estate portfolio management, budget & financial management and transaction management.

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