Fabrizio Genovese


    Fabrizio is a newcomer to the corporate environment and the world of broking, having switched careers two years ago, at the age of 50, after more than two decades as a business owner.

    New to the field, he embraced the opportunity in his trademark fashion, head-on, with humility, discipline, and grit. Having been seconded to the commercial leasing team, Fabrizio soon realised that the deal does not stick to sectors. As a broker, you must go to the deal, because It won’t come looking for you! 21 months later and with 10 successful deals worth over R5million concluded, and 25,000m² of space let, only 300m² of these were office deals!

    If you chat to Fabrizio, you’ll soon realise that he’s not your typical ‘bloker’. Out-the-box thinker? The man’s not a fan of packages, and boxes even less so. He’s most comfortable in front of a client or a landlord immersing himself in their thought process and looking for solutions to their real estate requirements. In a relatively short space of time, Fabrizio has developed good relationships across the industry and garnered a sound understanding of its parlance. Even so, the path ahead is long and unchartered for him, so he proceeds with this simple guiding principle: listen, to learn, to do. Always!

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