Stan Frank

National Director, IFM, Sub-Saharan Africa

    Stan current looks after IFM across SSA. The IFM division is fast becoming an acknowledged leader on the continent. Stan has a vast knowledge of operating in emerging markets along with assembling and leading multi-cultural teams that involve: strategy, operations and new business development.

    Stan’s experience includes: real estate business startup, optimisation, turnaround & change management and M&A’s. Industries include: retail, commercial, industrial and residential.

    Blogs by  Stan

    A perspective on the Sub-Saharan Africa Integrated Facilities Management market

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    Outsourced Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) is reportedly the fastest growing industry in Europe, Asia, America and Australasia and this international trend is echoed in the sub-Saharan market. IFM is an enabling solution that frees client resources from the non-core activities of an organisation, promoting more efficient management and resulting in improved quality of service delivery […]