Tracy Anderson

    Tracy is a talented Design Detailer within the Tétris South Africa team, Tétris is the interior design and build business line of JLL which has built up an impressive client base, winning pitches against industry leaders.

    Tracy is an energetic go-getter with a passion for all things design, she exhibits creativity in all areas of her life. To support her passion she holds both a National Diploma in Three-Dimensional Design (CPUT) and a BA degree in Interior Design (Greenside Design Centre).

    Tracy also has 10 years of design experience in retail, corporate, hospitality and residential design under her belt and would describe herself as a very technical designer with a strong focus on detail and balanced design.

    Blogs by  Tracy

    The ideal Generation Z office space – ‘go’ or ‘no go’?

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    Tracy Anderson, Interior Designer, Tétris, is upfront and honest about a few design trends gathering dust in an office near you. The impact of the millennial generation on workplace design has been significant. It’s all about communication, collaboration, flexibility and happiness, with the introduction of a range of non-conventional work spaces to ensure employees thrive. […]