Chinwe Ajene-Sagna

Corporate Solutions, West Africa

    Chinwe is based in Lagos, Nigeria and is responsible for the delivery of a full spectrum of real estate services


    Lucy Githinji

    Corporate Solutions, East Africa

      Lucy heads Corporate Solutions in East Africa, and is responsible for the JLL East African Hub. She is focussed on


      Xander Nijnens

      Executive Vice President, Hotels and Hospitality Group, Sub-Saharan Africa

        Xander is Executive Vice President of JLL’s Hotels and Hospitality Group in Sub-Saharan Africa and leads assignments and projects in


        Zandile Makhoba

        Head of Research South Africa

          Zandile is Head of Research for JLL South Africa and is responsible for market analyses, detailed reporting and forecasts on


          Edward Ward

          Head: Lease Advisory, South Africa

            Edward heads up the Lease Advisory service at JLL South Africa, a tenant and landlord centric division providing lease advice


            Simon Ardonceau

            Head: Strategic Consulting SSA


              Simon heads up Strategic Consulting for JLL Sub-Saharan Africa, the team provide strategic advice and real estate development solutions including

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              Wangari Muchiri

              Analyst Corporate Solutions, East Africa


                Wangari is an Analyst in the JLL East Africa office and has recently joined the SSA team from Sydney, Australia.

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                Ewout Holst

                Director, Corporate Solutions, Sub-Saharan Africa


                  Ewout Holst joined the Sub-Saharan Africa business in 2015 to lead the Corporate Solutions offering for the JLL Sub-Saharan Africa

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                  Thomas Mundy

                  Director: Strategic Advisory


                    Tom Mundy heads up JLL’s Sub Saharan Africa research and strategy group based out of Johannesburg. Previously, Tom was a

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                    Timi Adesanya

                    Senior Analyst, Corporate Solutions, West Africa


                      Timi is a Senior Analyst of JLL’s West Africa Corporate Solutions Group based in Lagos, Nigeria. Timi focuses on managing

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                      Craig Smith

                      Associate Director, Capital Markets, Sub-Saharan Africa


                        Craig is an Associate Director of JLL’s Capital Markets team in Sub-Saharan Africa. Craig focuses on delivering the execution of

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                        Stuart Williams

                        Senior Analyst, Corporate Solutions, South Africa


                          Stuart works in the Johannesburg office as a member of the Corporate Solutions team. He is the key account manager

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                          Aashna Puri

                          Associate, Africa Desk, Sub-Saharan Africa


                            Aashna Puri is a senior analyst with the Africa Desk and has recently joined the Johannesburg team from New York.

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                            Wayne Godwin

                            Vice President, Hotels and Hospitality Group Sub-Saharan Africa


                              Wayne is Vice President of JLL’s Hotels & Hospitality Group in Sub-Saharan Africa. Wayne focuses on delivering strategic advisory, investment

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                              Anthony Lewis

                              Director, Capital Markets, Sub-Saharan Africa


                                Anthony was appointed in 2014 to establish and lead the JLL capital markets offering for the JLL Sub-Saharan Africa platform,

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                                Madibana Letsoalo

                                Research Analyst, South Africa


                                  Madibana is responsible for sectorial market analysis of commercial property in Johannesburg with a focus on the overall industry climate,

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                                  Mark Bradford

                                  Chairman, Sub-Saharan Africa


                                    Mark Bradford is the Chairman of JLL’s Sub-Saharan Africa business and is responsible for business development in 19 countries across

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                                    Emma Luyt

                                    Managing Director: Tetris


                                      Emma is a talented interior designer with 12 years’ experience in the design and build industry. In addition to an

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                                      Joshua Askew


                                        Josh joined the Sub-Saharan Africa Valuation team as head in 2017.   Considering the significance of internationally recognised standards in the valuation

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                                        Robyn Bailey

                                        Business Development, Tetris


                                          Together with Emma Luyt (Managing Director) organically grew Tetris South Africa. We have built up an impressive client base, winning

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                                          Amanda Potgieter

                                          Research Sub-Saharan Africa


                                            Amanda Potgieter is Head of Research for JLL’s Sub-Saharan Africa business and is responsible for research in 19 countries across

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                                            Troy McTeer


                                              Troy is an experienced commercial property consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the commercial industry. A strong finance

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                                              Sarene Nel


                                                Sarene is an accomplished interior designer with a flair for project management. Highly organised, she has all the ingredients required

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                                                Kirsten Dodds


                                                  Kirsten is an interior design and focusses on furniture, fixtures and equipment at Tetris. She is passionate about the details that

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                                                  Bruce Abbott


                                                    Bruce is a member of the JLL SSA Leasing team, he focuses on servicing corporate clients in Northern Johannesburg, working

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                                                    Notango Matoti

                                                    Space Planner, Tétris Design & Build, South Africa


                                                      Notango, better known to her peers as ‘Tango’ is part of the Business Development team at Tétris. She is a

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                                                      Keith Voges


                                                        Keith enjoys a diverse background in various business roles and sectors while his planned career change to commercial property has

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                                                        Tracy Anderson


                                                          Tracy is a talented Design Detailer within the Tétris South Africa team, Tétris is the interior design and build business

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                                                          Nicola Neil-Boss


                                                            Nicola joined JLL South Africa as a Leasing Broker in the beginning of 2016 when JLL acquired Trussard Property Consultants.

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                                                            Fabrizio Genovese


                                                              Fabrizio is a newcomer to the corporate environment and the world of broking, having switched careers two years ago, at

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                                                              Lopang Rapodile


                                                                Lopang is a Senior Analyst in the JLL Hotels & Hospitality Group team in Sub-Saharan Africa, where she is focused

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                                                                Henry Playne

                                                                Head: Capital Markets, South Africa


                                                                  Henry is responsible for transacting investment sales with a wide range of institutional, corporate and private clients, advising on sales

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                                                                  Dennis Helyar


                                                                    Dennis heads up commercial/office leasing within the Leasing team at JLL Sub-Saharan Africa, focused on strategic alignment of overall business

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                                                                    Chloe Hazell

                                                                    Associate, Capital Markets, Sub-Saharan Africa


                                                                      Chloe Hazell is an Associate in JLL’s Sub-Saharan Africa Capital Markets team and has recently joined the Johannesburg team from

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                                                                      Dustin Strydom

                                                                      Vice President of Custom Software, Open Box Software


                                                                        Dustin is responsible for the corporate direction and strategy of Custom Software at Open Box Software, including overseeing its business

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                                                                        Amy McKenzie


                                                                          Amy is a talented member of the Business Development team at Tétris South Africa, an interior design and build business

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                                                                          Stan Frank

                                                                          National Director, IFM, Sub-Saharan Africa


                                                                            Stan current looks after IFM across SSA. The IFM division is fast becoming an acknowledged leader on the continent. Stan

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                                                                            Allan Wantenaar


                                                                              Allan is an Associate of JLL’s Hotels & Hospitality Group in Sub-Saharan Africa. He focuses on delivering Strategic Advisory, Investment

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                                                                              Craig Wilson

                                                                              Managing Editor, Stuff Magazine


                                                                                Craig is freelance journalist and broadcaster based in Johannesburg, South Africa. He focuses on technology, motoring, travel, arts and entertainment.

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                                                                                James Nathan

                                                                                Associate: Hotels & Hospitality


                                                                                  James joined JLL in April 2016, assuming the role of an associate in the Capital Markets team within the Hotels

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                                                                                  Omphile Ramokhoase

                                                                                  Intern, JLL South Africa


                                                                                    Omphile is currently on the 2016 graduate programme and has worked with the Lease Advisory team and most recently with

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                                                                                    Ryan Rundle


                                                                                      Ryan has a multi-disciplinary understanding of the property market and build environment as a whole, having previous experience in: construction,

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                                                                                      Grant Kirchmann


                                                                                        Grant assumes the role of National Director within the JLL SA Corporate Solutions team. He heads up Business Development in

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                                                                                        Bathobile Mahlobo


                                                                                          Bathobile is a real estate professional with 9 years of in-depth multi-geographical experience within the real estate industry in sub-Sahara

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