About the Author

Keith enjoys a diverse background in various business roles and sectors while his planned career change to commercial property has been the one he is most proud of. The corporate property services industry, with its diverse capability requirements, suits his ‘jack-of-all-trades’ skill-set perfectly. Keith completed his BA honours in business at the University of Greenwich in London. He is highly analytical and methodical, and approaches each client/project with a holistic overview before conceptualising the project by breaking the process down to its core functions– this way ensuring that the most suitable and thorough process is embarked on to achieve each client’s short-to-long-term real estate ambitions/goals. Keith believes only in the highest ethical standards, and believes honesty and transparency between client and himself forges the most productive and results-driven project. Furthermore, he has an interest in workspace planning dynamics and how they can be leveraged to achieve particular business goals like staff engagement, empowerment and fulfillment.