1. Radeyo

    Interesting ideas. In my opinion, carpooling is still the most cost-effective to start with.

  2. Chinwe

    Thank you for this insight. Yes, the addition of the bus stops have made quite a difference to 3rd Mainland traffic, particularly the Iyana-owro bus stops (on both sides) which have been cleared out, re-structured and expanded to become ‘bus-parks’. As a result, buses can no longer park on the edge of the road to clear passengers which in turn has positively affected the traffic flow.

  3. Abimbola Oyebo

    Smart traffic measures are already in operation in Lagos state. For example the newly built Bus stops at the foot/end of 3rd Third Mainland bridge. There are Enforcement officials to aid compliance of the use of the Bus stops rather than the old method of Cars stopping at the roadside to drop off/pick up passengers.

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